↗️ Up-Right Arrow


North East, Diagonal, Tangential, Movement, Direction, Pop-Up

↗️ Meaning: A upward-facing arrow titled a little to the right, thus forming an up-right arrow, within a faded blue square. The ↗️ Up-Right Arrow emoji essentially indicates direction, which could be interpreted as north-east too.

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How and When to Use the ↗️ Up-Right Arrow Emoji

  • If you’re a video content creator or any content creator for that matter, you could use ↗️ as an indication of the location of a clickable link or icon for further info or support. Like, “Click here to know more ↗️”.
  • ↗️ also represents a ‘pop-up’. So, if you’re consequentially referring to a pop-up window, an external link, etc, you could use this emoji.
  • Even in the context of ‘tangential direction’, oblique/diagonal direction, or a one-way tangent, you can use ↗️. For instance, “Be unpredictable. Because the smaller goals you set are the bigger plans that unfold ↗️”.
  • Geographically speaking, bring ↗️ into contexts that are about/of/for the ‘north-east’ locale of any given place, country, town, city, etc.

Other Names

  • ↗️ Tangential Direction
  • ↗️ Tangent/Tangential
  • ↗️ Upward Right Arrow
  • ↗️ Pop-Up Icon/Window
  • ↗️ North East
  • ↗️ North East Arrow
  • ↗️ Diagonal Up-Right Arrow