↖️ Up-Left Arrow


Increase, Graduality, Improvement, North West, Steep, Far, Distance, Farther

↖️ Meaning: An upward-facing short and thick white arrow tilting to the left within a blue square rounded at the corners. The ↖️ Up-Left Arrow emoji essentially suggests the north-west direction. It could also indicate a steep and gradual increase or growth.

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How and When to Use the ↖️ Up-Left Arrow Emoji

  • While the ⬆️ Up Arrow symbolizes height or a sense of going higher, ↖️ could suggest distance or a sense of going farther. So, if you’re sharing something that resonates with this distance, you can use ↖️.
  • Examples for the previous emoji would be: “How far will you go for what you believe in? ↖️”, “The challenge is to be humble while you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of ↖️”, or “Sometimes, it’s not the sky that is the limit, but you ↖️”.
  • ↖️ could also signify a steady increase in any context. For instance, “It may all seem bleak right now, but trust me, you’ll get there one day ↖️” or “It hurt, but she got better! She gradually stopped giving a damn ↖️”.
  • And generally, if the picture or video has a north-western direction, use ↖️; it could a video repost of a firecracker/rocket launch gone wrong, a picture of a flying saucer, a sketch of a shooting star, anything.

Other Names

  • ↖️ North-West
  • ↖️ Upward Left Direction
  • ↖️ Up-Left
  • ↖️ Arrow Pointing North West
  • ↖️ Diagonal Up-Left Arrow
  • ↖️ North West Arrow