🧭 Compass


Traveling, Traveler, Navigate, Journey, Path, Map, North, East, South, West

🧭 Meaning: A circular dial with a rim and a tiny loop at the top with a couple of uniformly placed short strokes and a double-edged sharp needle with one side being white and the other, red, within the dial.

The 🧭 Compass emoji refers to a magnetic compass, thus signifying navigation, finding one’s way, and a general way of defining one’s path or journey (in a metaphorical sense, yes). It also suggests themes such as traveling and being a traveler.

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How and When to Use the 🧭 Compass Emoji

  • If you’re posting a picture that ought to have a metaphorical quote/caption that goes along the lines of journeying, you can use 🧭. For instance, “The path may be unknown, but the fire within knows its destination already 🧭”.
  • While posting or reposting anything that’s travel-related, you can invite 🧭 into that caption as well. For example, “My dream Thai trip, here I slide into you just like I slid into a girl’s DM who’s now my wife 🧭”.
  • Sometimes, 🧭 can also be used to signify time (sundials). So, if you’re posting something that has the mention of ‘time’ or ‘timing’ in it, you can use 🧭. Like, “Metro Boomin be my savior, the perfect timing you granted me is here to be savored 🧭”.
  • Also, pop in the 🧭 emoji into any framework that has the words ‘travel’, ‘traveling’, or even ‘traveler’ in it – “All the world is just a journey and I for one am just another traveler 🧭” (sheesh, the feels).

Other Names

  • 🧭 Traveller’s Compass
  • 🧭 North-South Compass
  • 🧭 Compass for Directions
  • 🧭 Sundials
  • 🧭 Magnetic Compass
  • 🧭 Thumb Compass
  • 🧭 Base Plate Compass