📯 Postal Horn


Signaling, Indication, Notification, Post, Alert, Awareness, Musical Instrument

📯 Meaning: A looped horn with a small holed entrance on one end and a wider opening on the other end, embellished in gold and characterized by a small rope wound in between with ornamental ends.

The 📯 Postal Horn emoji is essentially a musical instrument that was used to indicate the presence of post. This emoji could signify the act of signally, creating awareness, and also an ancient version of a ‘notification’.

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How and When to Use the 📯 Postal Horn Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a picture or video of someone who’s meeting you (and vice versa, ofc) after ages, you could use 📯 as a way of ‘making noise’ about it. Like, “Seeing this one’s face literally after 7 years! 📯”.
  • Since the exact use of a postal horn could translate to a notification in the virtual world, use 📯 to indicate just that!. For example, “Congratulations! Your order has been placed. Stay tuned for further notifications 📯”.
  • You could also use 📯 while texting someone about the arrival and/departure of something or someone. For instance, “The crowd FINALLY left! 📯 My space is MINE, at last”.
  • Apart from just arrivals and departures, 📯 could be used to signal big news too – “I have great news for you this not-so-great morning, btw 📯” or “Listen up! Listen up 📯 Here’s an update for all our followers”.
  • Also, 📯 comes in handy even while referring to musical instruments such as bugles.

Other Names

  • 📯 Posthorn
  • 📯 Post Horn German
  • 📯 Cornet
  • 📯 French Horn
  • 📯 Bugle
  • 📯 Alert Horn
  • 📯 Blow Horn