🏆 Trophy


Victory, Winning, Competition, Skills, Excelling, Championship, Award

🏆 Meaning: A golden trophy with a deep cup placed on a thick square base that also has a nameplate on it, with a stand of the same color. The cup has a pair of attached curves that act like hands to hold up the cup!

The 🏆 Trophy emoji signifies competition, victory, and a sense of winning or excelling at something (or both). Although it may refer to consolation prizes, this emoji mostly represents the winner.

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How and When to Use the 🏆 Trophy Emoji

  • If you’re showing off with your bestie(s) about how you won an argument, something significant or not (to them), use 🏆. Like, “I love the part when he got his ass kicked for smart mouthing. Yay me🏆”.
  • Did you just win someone over? Are you talking about it with someone close? Then, use 🏆. For instance, “Looks like I won his dad over 🏆He’s no longer grumpy to see me”.
  • If you’re responding to a conversation that is objectively ridiculous or subjectively intolerable, please use 🏆. For example, “Whoa!! Here’s your Oscar for using your brains! 🏆 FOR ONCE”.
  • In a similar context, if you’re the kind who loves exaggerating, 🏆 is your best bet – Hey y’all. Where’s my trophy for putting up with your shit? 🏆”

Other Names

  • 🏆 Prize
  • 🏆 Winner
  • 🏆 Victory
  • 🏆 Cup
  • 🏆 Medal
  • 🏆 Award
  • 🏆 Laurel
  • 🏆 Championship Trophy
  • 🏆 Winners Trophy