???? Glowing Star


Glow, Brightness, Shine, Heightened Illumination, Twinkling Star, Twinkles, Sparkling, Gleaming

???? Meaning: A five-pointed star, very similar to the ⭐ Star emoji with additional details of three short lines emerging from the gaps between the points (two on top and one below). Sometimes, it’s from all five sides.

The ???? Glowing Star emoji signifies heightened illumination, brightness, glow, and shine. It also suggests a twinkling star, which can have both literal and metaphorical implications.

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How and When to Use the ???? Glowing Star Emoji

  • If you’re responding to a picture of someone in a new dress, shoes, jewelry, and other materialistic beauties, or commenting on similar posts, you can use ???? to indicate “Damn, gurlll. You shinin’!!! ????”.
  • You can also use ???? while sharing posts or reposts about something or someone who set a new benchmark for any given attribute. Like, “Would ya look at my man wearing a skirt to empower equality ????”.
  • If you want to call someone or something a ‘true star’, ???? is an apt emoji. It can be a compliment for someone’s story, a comment on an uplifting post, anything – “You sir, are the real hero, our true star ????“.
  • Similar to the first point, you may also use ???? in the captions while sharing pictures and/or videos of twinkling/dazzling jewelry, crystals, makeup (with the twinkling filter), anything that twinkles or is made to.

Other Names

  • ???? Twinkling Star
  • ???? Dazzling Star
  • ???? Shining Star
  • ???? Star So Bright
  • ???? Guiding Star
  • ???? Bright Star
  • ???? Extra Bright Star