🐤 Baby Chick


Infancy, Naivety, Dependence, Young, Nesting, Newborn, Vulnerable, Child, Young Woman

🐤 Meaning: A round facial profile of a chick with a yellow face and really tiny feathers of the same color, a brownish pointy beak, and a black, shiny eye. On most platforms, this emoji shows the entire body of the chick.

The 🐤 Baby Chick emoji signifies childhood, naivety, vulnerability, impressionability, and a great time to be young and stupid. Apart from referring to the baby bird, chicks can also refer to young women (slash the ‘attractive’ tag, everyone’s beautiful).

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How and When to Use the 🐤 Baby Chick Emoji

  • Did your hen recently litter? Are you sharing those pictures of absolute bliss on your social media handle? Then use 🐤 in the post caption!
  • If you’re sharing informative content about chicks on social media; caring for the little ones, suitable food/diet, etc, you can use 🐤 in the post caption.
  • Apart from chicks per se, 🐤 can also be used to refer to any baby bird or even an adult bird that’s small in stature such as sparrows.
  • Use 🐤 in your social media profile name if you love baby chicks, or if you have a poultry farm, or if you’re into poultry farming, or if you’re a cute, sweet, and rad chick.
  • Since 🐤 can also refer to young women, you can use this emoji while greeting someone or while lending a compliment. For example, “Heyyy. Look at those pants. You’re a bawse chick 🐤.” (isn’t it cute and mellow; the usage of this emoji in a compliment).

Other Names

  • 🐤 Baby Chick
  • 🐤 Peafowl
  • 🐤 Juno Peachick
  • 🐤 Young Woman (as in chick)
  • 🐤 Poultry
  • 🐤 Baby Bird
  • 🐤 Nesting Bird
  • 🐤 Pullus
  • 🐤 Child