🧈 Butter


Smoothness, Buttery, Praise, Butter Up, Cholesterol, Fat, Flavour, Cooking

🧈 Meaning: A rectangular butter paper or plate with a slab of butter that is sliced at the beginning forming a rectangular buttery piece that’s edging from the bar.

Literally, the 🧈 Butter emoji has a wide array of interpretations; from cholesterol and fat to dairy products and even flavor. Metaphorically, butter can mean a lot of things too, it can suggest a sense of being smooth and maybe even praised/praising.

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How and When to Use the 🧈 Butter Emoji

  • If flattery is being extended in your way, some accepted and some just too much, you can use 🧈 as a way of being both assertive and goofy. For instance, “Okay, that’s enough. Man, aren’t you great at buttering up someone 🧈”.
  • If someone you just began breaking the ice with was super smooth in asking you out, use 🧈 in reply; it’s workable in a positive and negative scenario.
    Positive – “Whoa that was smooth 🧈 Yes, coffee at 5 tomorrow sounds great”.
    Negative – “Haha. Nice try, butter man 🧈”.
  • Since butter too has a sexual connotation, 🧈 can be used while asking someone to “butter me up” or to “butter my biscuit” (aren’t butter biscuits the best?’).
  • Butter can also be used to describe something that’s incredibly soft, almost at an ungodly level. For example, “Omggggg. Those baby cheeks are like shea butter, wtfff 🧈 😭”.

Other Names

  • 🧈 Margarine (how distasteful)
  • 🧈 Fat
  • 🧈 Slab of Butter
  • 🧈 Butter Block
  • 🧈 Yellow Butter
  • 🧈 Unsalted (or Salted) Butter
  • 🧈 Buttah
  • 🧈 Buttery