⚡ High Voltage


Energy, Shock, Live Wire, Active, Electricity, Lightning, Hazard, Danger, Thunderbolt

Meaning: A zig-zag shaped symbol with yellow highlights and a lighter shade of the same color filled within. This emoji is very similar to the bolt sign that also represents lightning in weather-related emojis.

The ⚡ High Voltage emoji represents electricity, power, electrical energy, and lightning too. It could also act as a disclaimer to hazardous objects. Besides, this emoji may also evoke a sense of being active and energetic.

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How and When to Use the ⚡ High Voltage Emoji

  • You can use ⚡ while signifying ‘energy’ in any context; it can be a caption/quote for a kickass picture, a tagline in a social media story, a direct message (DM), etc – “Energy can be contagious Be careful how you spend it“.
  • High voltage and hazardous go hand in hand. If you’re texting your bestie or someone you care about, advising them about the bad energies or potentially ‘hazardous’ energies they’re surrounded by, you can use ⚡. Like, “You need to learn to read people. Not everyone is what they show they are ⚡”.
  • Also, touching something that’s high in voltage may give you a shock. Similarly, ⚡ can be used to refer to a shock as well. For instance “Don’t be shocked when I walk right past you, like nothing ever happened ⚡”.
  • If you’re talking about someone who’s a live wire, you can use ⚡. It can be in a post caption (for a birthday or appreciation post), or even a direct text message. For example, “Never change for anyone. Continue being the ball of super energy that you are ⚡.

Other Names

  • ⚡ Bolt Sign
  • ⚡ Hazardous
  • ⚡ Volatile
  • ⚡ Live Wire
  • ⚡ Electricity
  • ⚡ Lightning Bolt
  • ⚡ Thunderbolt
  • ⚡ High Voltage Sign