🌽 Ear of Corn


Health, Agriculture, Farming, Grains, Nutrition, Corny, Popcorn, Sweet Corn

🌽 Meaning: A half-peeled corncob that has is covered with a thick green leafy layer at the bottom where there’s also a tiny stalk and the top half exposes the vegetable with perfectly arranged maize seeds.

The 🌽 Ear of Corn emoji is one among the many vastly consumed grains and cereals, thus, it can signify health, nutrition, agriculture, farming, and food, of course. This emoji can also suggest sweet corn.

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How and When to Use the 🌽 Ear of Corn Emoji

  • If your bestie said something super corny or you came across a clichè and corny post that you’re either commenting on or sending the same to your homies, then guess what, you can use 🌽 in those contexts (thinkin’ outta the box).
  • If you’re bombarding your bestie or your significant other about the crappy network or their pathetic hearing capabilities, you can use 🌽 in such conversations too. Here’s how – “Yo. WTF is happening to your ears??! Why don’t you shove one of these 🌽 and see if it helps” (ear of corn jokes).
  • You can also use 🌽 in obvious contexts, like in captions or textual formats that are about corn; it can be a salad with corn in it, a corn-based dish, sweet corn, corn soup, or even just a picture of a cornfield.
  • 🌽 can be used in generic contexts that revolve around agriculture, farming, grains, and popcorn too!

Other Names

  • 🌽 Maize
  • 🌽 Corncob
  • 🌽 Corn
  • 🌽 Corn Seeds
  • 🌽 Maize Seeds
  • 🌽 Grains
  • 🌽 Seeds
  • 🌽 Cereal
  • 🌽 Sweet Corn

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