⭐ Star


Sky, Starry Sky, Stars, Five-Pointed Star, Shining, Brightness, Appreciation

Meaning: A golden yellowish five-pointed stars with a slight glow on the surface. The ⭐ Star emoji can have both literal and metaphorical interpretations, referring to the stars and humans/other living creatures respectively. It could also suggest appreciation (throwback to pre-school).

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How and When to Use the ⭐ Star Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about how someone or something stole the show, you can use ⭐. Like, “Ma. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you my little brother was awarded for best behavior!! ⭐”
  • Similarly, while referring a person, an animal or a thing to a star, ⭐ is a must. For example, “Aww. You’ll always be my star ⭐”. This applies even while posting or reposting content about celebrities (stars).
  • A star can also represent bright and shining qualities, in an earthly being too – “Thank you for always, ALWAYS being guiding light. You can also use ⭐ in the context of gratitude and appreciation too.
  • Stars can also have a close connection to death (souls becoming stars). If this is true in your country/culture, feel free to use ⭐ while sharing an RIP post, or even a post for a death anniversary.
  • Lastly, remember to use ⭐ while posting gorgeous pictures/videos of a sky full of stars (the sky or that special someone :)).

Other Names

  • ⭐ Five-Pointed Star
  • ⭐ Golden Star
  • ⭐ Yellowish Star
  • ⭐ Heavenly Body
  • ⭐ Superstar
  • ⭐ Film Star
  • ⭐ Gold Star
  • ⭐ White Medium Star