🍋 Lemon


Citrus, Health, Failure, Worthless, Bitterness, Vibrance, Summer, Lemonade, Beauty

🍋 Meaning: A rounded yellow shape with a pointy tip and a tiny brown stalk at the top with two leaves hanging on either side. This emoji can be used to refer to both lemons and limes of all species.

Based on the vast usage of lemons, the 🍋 Lemon emoji has a spectrum of significances. Apart from health, beauty, and home remedies, lemons can also refer to cultural practices and good luck too. Along with a citric punch of flavor, this emoji can also signify bitterness as well.

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How and When to Use the 🍋 Lemon Emoji

  • ‘Lemon’ is a colloquial way of saying ‘worthless’ or ‘fail’. For instance, if someone sent you a post that rather pissed you off you can send 🍋 as a way of saying “Oh, big whoop 🍋“.
  • The bright and vibrant yellow of lemons can signify summer. So, if you’re sharing pictures of you wearing something yellow, or a summery picture with hues of yellow in it, you can use 🍋 in such captions.
  • Are you sharing the best lemon-based recipe (it can be lemonade, lemon tarts, lemon rice, anything) of the century that you recently discovered as a social media post/story or a direct message (DM)? Then, pop the 🍋 emoji into those contexts!
  • Since lemons have been culturally used to remove any trace of an ‘evil eye’ or nazar, you can use 🍋 in a virtual context of saying “touch wood” as well.
  • Do you love lemons? Or you just find them rather cute? Then, use 🍋 in your social media profile name. You can also do this if your social media page has a lemon logo or the words ‘lemon’ or ‘lime’ in it.
  • If you’re sharing some simple beauty tips using lemon, remember to use 🍋 if you want the tips to seem rather visually appealing.

Other Names

  • 🍋 Lime
  • 🍋 Lemon Soda
  • 🍋 Lemon Juice
  • 🍋 Citrus
  • 🍋 Yellow Fruit
  • 🍋 Vitamin C
  • 🍋 Big Lemon
  • 🍋 Sweet Lemon
  • 🍋 Acidic Lemon