🔔 Bell


Alert, Notification, Wedding Bells, Remembrance, Attention, Risk, Temple Bells

🔔 Meaning: A golden bell with a bulky upper surface and a flat, wide rim that has a small round dangle in between. The entire bell has a tiny loop on top that helps in tying up this little charm.

The 🔔 Bell emoji signifies the act of ringing a bell for many reasons; as alarms, notifications, religious reasons, weddings, or maybe even a long lost memory that seems to ring back.

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How and When to Use the 🔔 Bell Emoji

  • If someone seems to be forgetting details that you’re reminding them of, you could use 🔔 in that conversation. For example, “No, no! Not her! I’m talking about your neighbor. Hello??? 🔔”.
  • You could also use 🔔 while indicating risk and danger. How?? Here’s an example, “You may not be a cat person, but sometimes, you’ve just got to bell the cat 🔔”.
  • 🔔 has been an icon for notifications and updates on video streaming platforms. But, that doesn’t stop this emoji from being versatile! You could use it as an element of gaining curiosity and attention too. For instance, “Stay tuned for further updates on your favorite brand 🔔”.
  • If you’re posting a wedding invitation, a social media status about an engagement/wedding or even pictures from an ongoing wedding as a post or story, bring in 🔔 to jingle those wedding bells!
  • Ringing bells is also a sign of alert. If you’re sharing alerting content, 🔔 could be your choice. However, ensure the context has a positive tone to it and not a negative and alarming one.

Other Names

  • 🔔 Yellow Bell
  • 🔔 Bell Shape
  • 🔔 Bell Icon
  • 🔔 Notification Icon
  • 🔔 Golden Bell
  • 🔔 Wedding Bells
  • 🔔 Ring a Bell
  • 🔔 Cat’s Be
  • 🔔 Ringer
  • 🔔 Liberty Bell
  • 🔔 Bell