15 Dirty Emojis For When You Gotta Make Do

Explicit content ahead: Parental advice and “the talk” is suggested

Sex sells. Sex buys. Physical relations are the most talked about and celebrated aspect of the earth. A joke is made ten times funnier with sexual innuendo and an emoji can be fivefold superior with its significance to a sexual inside joke. Anything dirty is either fun or unorthodox.

Not to kickstart with a speech of any sort, but it is what it is.

Now, stating facts. These emojis are not sexual by themselves. They are sexual because of the number of sexual references and implications attached to them, by us. Nonetheless, they are great alternatives for each time you cannot get or don’t want to get some action in person.

Eggplant Emoji

🍆 Eggplant Emoji

A good list always begins with the most popular emoji, which, in this case, is 🍆. Although a 🍌 Banana used to be the famous nuance for the penis, the current virtual scenario seems to like the eggplant better.

It’s very important to note that, 🍆 is more a penis than an eggplant. If you didn’t catch that, it means, even an accidental 🍆 in your conversation could mean a dick. Apart from that, it’s a great way to describe someone.

Cucumber Emoji

🥒 Cucumber Emoji

In the absence of a man; physically and metaphorically, we have vegetables! Call it self-love or selfishness, it means the same thing. You get to choose what stays inside and what leaves, and if that’s a veggie, so be it!

So, if you’re referring to a dildo, 🥒, a 🥕 Carrot, and an 🌽 Ear of Corn, comes in handy.

Peach Emoji

🍑 Peach Emoji

A nice, round, juicy, peach is the online symbol for a butt. As arguable as this representation of generalization and standards of perfection is, 🍑 seems to be quite versatile, tbh.

You could use 🍑 to refer to anybody’s bottom, actually. If you’re one to break stereotypes, then you could be using this emoji even in cute references to your dog or cat, or any other animal’s backside (non-sexually, ofc).

Melon Emoji

🍈 Melon Emoji

🍈 is pretty much a contradiction. A non-plastic pair is neither hard and round, nor is it green (well, unless you’re Fiona).

Anyway, this emoji is one of the emojis that help emojify breasts. And depending on the size, inclination, and shape, you could use the fruit(s) of your choice, like 🍋 Lemons, 🍊 Tangerines, and 🥭 Mangoes.

Cherries Emoji

🍒 Cherries Emoji

Aww, such a cute sight of a pair of dangling berries. The amount of sexual references to fruits is unreal! Shocked? Surprised? Used to it? Doesn’t matter. We’re here to educate!

🍒 is a sexual emoji and these little guys refer to those little guys behind that big guy.

Cat Face Emoji

🐱 Cat Face Emoji

If you’re one with a taste for the niche, then you’d find 🐱 interesting. It’s a derogatory emoji for a derogatory term used for the female genitalia.

Vagina and pussy somehow seem to co-relate in that respect. But, the sword-holder and a coward don’t add up. Anyhow, it’s important to know the difference.

Sweat Droplets Emoji

💦 Sweat Droplets Emoji

Did you know that 💦 was actual three drops of sweat?

Famously substituted for sexual fluids, the sweat emoji 💦 is now sultry. It signifies heat, water droplets, salty water drops, and the liquid products of an orgasm, or as the internet loves to call it, “cum” or “come”.

This is precisely why you shouldn’t be cutting ‘come’ short into ‘cum’ while texting. It conveys an entirely different and mostly discomforting message.

Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

😈 Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

When Bruno Mars said she had the devil in her eyes, this face is what he meant.

Something intensely sexual seems sinful because it feels so good. So, the epitome of that level of sinfulness is indeed, hell, and all its well-known residents; Lucifer, aka the devil, Satan, etc.

This is not blasphemous content, FYI. It’s straight-up facts.

Tongue Emoji

👅 Tongue Emoji

The tongue’s the only organ without a single bone and yet it cuts sharper than a sword. But hey, we eat better with it. Imagine eating without a tongue? Pathetic.

If this innocent paragraph gave you dirty visuals, you know how to use your tongue. There are other variations of these emojis, the creepy 😛 Face With Tongue and the cringy 😝 Squinting Face With Tongue.

PS: This emoji demands to lick and tell.

Mouth Emoji

👄 Mouth Emoji

If you’ve ever asked your partner to “make you” shut up, then this one’s for you and for the ones who’re interested in doing this the next time you see them.

👄 not only suggests a simple peck, it could also cover all the fascinating acts of foreplay smoothly carried out by the mouth. Thanks, mouth! 👄 could also refer to sex sounds, because 🎙️ would be creepy.

Scissors Emoji

✂️ Scissors Emoji

You could never tear us apart!
Oh, but you can scissor through us.

If scissoring is your style, ✂️ is here to go the extra mile! It’s not just lesbians or bisexuals scissoring out there, heterosexuals or straight lovers do it too. And if you’re referring to that dirty thought, welcome ✂️ into the conversation!

What is sex if not imagination gone wild?
And every action starts with a thought, amirite?

Victory Hand Emoji

✌️ Victory Hand Emoji

If you managed to give her the “V”, you’re victorious! and ✌️ is for you!

Along with spreading peace, ✌️ could also mean oral sex. And if you intend this in your conversations, then you could use a hand! The ‘V’ hand!

Face With Open Mouth Emoji

😮 Face With Open Mouth Emoji

First of all, come on, you cannot have sexy emojis that suggest sex (reflect back onto the intro to understand this better).

There are two reasons why we’d mindlessly open our mouth wide. One is a facial reaction to shock and surprise, and the other is to stuff in a thicc 🌯 Burrito or any other snacc of your choice.

Waving Hand Emoji

👋 Waving Hand Emoji

Hey! Long time no see! 👋
Hey. Missed you 👋
*spot the difference*

There’s a thin line between violence and pleasure and that’s the silver lining of a spank. If you believe yourself to have mastered drawing that line, then you could use 👋 to show that you’re happy to see someone, indeed.

🖐 Hand With Splayed Fingers also conveys the same message.

Raised Fist Emoji

✊ Raised Fist Emoji

✊ is a symbol of empowerment, achievement, and endurance on the streets, but a lover in the sheets. If you’re talking about riding solo or asking for a hand, use ✊. Both mean the same thing; keeping it up and keeping it strong, son!

Sex is the most beautiful aspect of physical bodies. Nothing about it is disgusting, filthy, or even “unorthodox”. But, there’s one thing that will always be sexier than sex. Consent.

We hope we covered all the important sexual emojis for the next time you sext, and we hope you found our little sex list as entertaining as your sex life (sorry if you have none. In that case, we hope we were fun).