🍒 Cherries


Beauty, Flavour, Christmas, Love, Lust, Seduction, Femininity

🍒 Meaning: A pair of red cherries; two round deep-red berries hanging with two slightly long stalks that are joined to a green leaf. The cherries in this emoji have a slight glazy finish on top of them.

The 🍒 Cherries emoji signifies taste, beauty, love, and even the season of Christmas. Besides, in the world of art, cherries also suggest sensuality, eroticism, lust, femininity, and seduction too.

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How and When to Use the 🍒 Cherries Emoji

  • If you’re texting something nice or you’re being sarcastic, you can use 🍒 indicating a “cherry on top”. Like, “So, guess what, besides PMS, anxiety, my boss yelling at me and a huge fight with mom, my douche of a boyfriend BREAKS UP WITH ME. A cherry on top ain’t it? 🍒”.
  • You can also use 🍒 while posting Christmassy stuff; it could be a special Christmas recipe, a picture that seems Christmassy, a picture of your Christmas table, anything related to the festival.
  • Speaking in slang terms 🍒 refers to virginity (which, thanks to patriarchy, somehow only applies to women 🙂). So, if you’re telling your buddies that you lost it, or if you’re reminiscing the memory with your besties, then you can use this emoji in that “pop the cherry” context.
  • Since cherries have a close connection to eroticism, you can use 🍒 while posting or reposting anything seductive; it can be a picture of yourself, or with someone else or even boudoir photography.

Other Names

  • 🍒 Red Cherries
  • 🍒 Two Cherries
  • 🍒 Bing Cherry
  • 🍒 Rainier Cherry
  • 🍒 Plums
  • 🍒 Cherry Plum
  • 🍒 Prunus
  • 🍒 A Pair of Red Cherries