✂️ Scissors


Cutting, Dividing, Separating, Tailoring, Stationery, Cut Off, Apart, Removing

✂️ Meaning: A widely open metal scissors with a pair of red finger holders and two sharp metallic cutters at the bottom. The ✂️ Scissors emoji signifies the act of cutting through, creating divisions, separating, or even perfecting something by removing the extras or the unnecessary.

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How and When to Use the ✂️ Scissors Emoji

  • If you’re sharing life advice about cutting off unnecessity to someone you care for or sharing a social media post/story with captions or message(s) that resonates with the same, you can use ✂️.
  • Examples for the previous point: “Please. PLEASE cut off negative energy ✂️” or “There’s nothing wrong with cutting yourself some slack by doing yourself the favor of positivity ✂️”.
  • You may use ✂️ even while talking about the art of living minimalistically. Like, “Why don’t you cut the corners that you don’t need? ✂️” or “Anything that doesn’t serve you anymore ought to be out of the picture ✂️”.
  • Generally, ✂️ can be brought into contexts revolving around tailoring, fashion, stitching, sewing, etc.
  • If you’re talking about ‘making the cut’, you can use ✂️. For example, “If you can’t find something tailored for you, you’ve got to make that cut for yourself ✂️”.

Other Names

  • ✂️ A Pair of Scissors
  • ✂️ Red Scissors
  • ✂️ Clippers
  • ✂️ Snippers/Snipping
  • ✂️ Cutting
  • ✂️ Black Scissors