😮 Face With Open Mouth


Surprised, Awed, Disbelief, Shocked, Wow, Whoa, Bewilderment, OMG

😮 Meaning: A yellow face with blank eyes and a wide-open, ‘O’ for a mouth. This emoji refers to feelings of surprise, awe, and amazement – the kind that goes “Whoaaa”.

The 😮 Face With Open Mouth emoji also signifies disbelief, shock, and a tiny amount of bewilderment. This emoji is mostly used as a reactive emoji more than an expressive one.

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How and When to Use the 😮 Face With Open Mouth Emoji

  • Use this emoji while reacting to surprising moments in conversations with your friends and peers.
  • You can also use this emoji to react to any shocking video, image, or passage you went through.
  • If your BFF is telling you about something totally out-of-the-comfort-zone that she tried, send this emoji as a way of wow-ing her confidence and bravery!

Other Names

  • 😮 Surprised
  • 😮 In Awe
  • 😮 Awed
  • 😮 Disbelief
  • 😮 Wow!
  • 😮 Whoa
  • 😮 Open Mouth
  • 😮 Shocked
  • 😮 Surprised Face With Open Mouth
  • 😮 OMG