🥕 Carrot


Improved Eyesight, Health, Nutrition, Root Veggie, Bunnies, Gardening

🥕 Meaning: A long veggie that’s a broad at the top and tapers to a rounded end at the bottom. It also has a couple of frilled leaves on the broader side indicating that it’s a root vegetable.

The 🥕 Carrot emoji signifies nutrition, gardening, weight-loss food and even bettering eyesight upon consumption. It can also refer to bunnies (remember Bugs Bunny?) and may even have explicit significances.

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How and When to Use the 🥕 Carrot Emoji

  • Building upon the ‘bunny’ point, you can use 🥕 while posting nostalgic Looney Tunes pictures or even while sharing pictures or videos of you dressed up as a bunny (it can be a bunny hairband or even the classic playboy outfit).
  • The next time you can post anything related to carrots as an ingredient; carrot cakes, carrot halwa, carrot juice, etc, you can use 🥕 in such captions or even within a text message.
  • Like many fruit and vegetable emojis, carrots too, have a dirty side to them – 🥕 can refer to the male genitalia or even sex toys (sometimes, they can be literal too).
  • Use 🥕 while posting or reposting pictures of carrots (something more general and implicit) – it can be fresh produce, a carrot farm, a refreshing salad, anything.
  • Furthermore, if you’re sharing a post where an animal is munching on some carrots, you can use 🥕 in those captions as well.

Other Names

  • 🥕 Orange Carrot
  • 🥕 Black Carrot (orange is the new black, heh?)
  • 🥕 Baby Carrots
  • 🥕 Red Carrots
  • 🥕 White Carrot
  • 🥕 24 Carrot Health (puns intended)
  • 🥕 Campbell Island Carrot

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