🍜 Steaming Bowl


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🍜 Meaning: A white bowl with a red rim design holding some curry noodles or ramen in it, with a pair of chopsticks picking up a noodle or a pair, and a couple of waves representing ‘steam’ emitting from the bowl.

Although the 🍜 Steaming Bowl emoji suggests a bowl of hot ramen, it can suggest any variety of noodles. Besides, given the cutlery used here it can signify Asian food, more towards China, Japan and Thailand where chopsticks is the way you eat noodles.

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How and When to Use the 🍜 Steaming Bowl Emoji

  • ‘Ramen’ has been able to gather a truckload of interpretations and emotions over the years, and 🍜 can be used in a variety of contexts.
  • For most college students (and bachelors, maybe), ramen is the ultimate meal. So, 🍜 would be a great emoji to use while sharing some ‘college nostalgia’ or even while posting something related to generic ‘college student’s meal’ or something like that.
  • Reflecting on the previous point, ramen is a well-known college-student’s diet because its incredibly cost-effective and affordable. Baring that thought in mind, 🍜 can be used to indicate related themes. For instance, “From Ramen 🍜 to Hakka, we’ve come a long way“.
  • Setting ramen aside, 🍜 could refer to any noodles. So, if you’re sharing pictures of your bowl of steaming noodle lunch/dinner, etc, you can use this emoji in the caption.
  • Since there are a pair of chopsticks used here, ensure to use 🍜 only in noodle contexts where there are chopsticks indeed (not forks).

Other Names

  • 🍜 Ramen Noodles
  • 🍜 Steaming Bowl of Ramen
  • 🍜 Noodles
  • 🍜 Steaming Bowl of Noodles With Chopsticks
  • 🍜 Noodle Soup
  • 🍜 Soupy Noodles
  • 🍜 Pulled Noodles
  • 🍜 Ramen