🍘 Rice Cracker


Japanese Snack, Tea Time, Evening, Party Snack, Healthy, Light, Rice-Based, Nori, Asian Food

🍘 Meaning: A round brown cracker made from rice and wrapped with a square greenish film; nori (seaweed) in the lower half of the cracker. The shade of brown of this emoji would vary across platforms.

The 🍘 Rice Cracker emoji refers to the traditional Japanese snack or quick bites. Apart from being a light, healthy (debatable), savory and sweet dish, it can also signify a tooth for Asian or specifically, Japanese food.

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How and When to Use the 🍘 Rice Cracker Emoji

  • Crackers are versatile snacks as they can be accompanied with a variety of toppings and seasoning. Hence, 🍘 can be used to refer to someone who always adds their own flavor to their work (not in a racist or derogatory way, of course).
  • Rice crackers or Senbei in Japan are both sweet and savory snacks that form the best tea-time side-dish, or rather ‘green tea-time’. So, you can use 🍘 while greeting someone with “Good evening!” or even while calling over a couple of friends for a tea party.
  • In other general use cases, 🍘 can be used in captions while posting or reposting anything related to rice crackers. It can also be used to refer to any other cracker and not rice, specifically.
  • 🍘 can be used in common themes such as ‘snacks’, ‘evening snacks’, ‘Japanese food’ as well.

Other Names

  • 🍘 Senbei
  • 🍘 Cracker
  • 🍘 Rice Crackers
  • 🍘 Snacks
  • 🍘 Japanese Crackers
  • 🍘 Senbei With Nori
  • 🍘 Biscuit
  • 🍘 Japanese Biscuit