🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato


East Asian Street Food, Chips, Fries, Thanksgiving, Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival, Yam

🍠 Meaning: A chopped piece of sweet potato with a purplish outer cover and a visible disc of yellow insides at the top. On some platforms, this emoji has a sliced up piece in front.

The 🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato can signify numerous forms of the vegetable that is commonly consumed; fries, chips, street food, baked sweet potato, etc. Besides, it can also suggest Thanksgiving, Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival, and other such related themes/festivals.

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How and When to Use the 🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a Thanksgiving informal e-invite or even a social media post or repost about the festive season of gratitude, then you can use 🍠 in all those contexts.
  • Although the name says ‘sweet potato’ (keeping the roast a little neutral for now), 🍠 can be used to signify yam and other similar root or stem vegetables.
  • Since roasted sweet potato is a popular East Asian winter street food, 🍠 can be used in such contexts; either while discussing the weather (or other small talk), or even while setting up a chill sesh with your buddies over some roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Use 🍠 while sharing sweet potato (or yam) memes (cute, ain’t it?).
  • Throwing back to the previous point, if someone’s your sweet potato, ensure to use 🍠 either while saving their contact, addressing them in texts or even while posting social media pictures or videos with or of them (add other expressive emojis, because 🍠 is not the prettiest).

Other Names

  • 🍠 Sweet Potato
  • 🍠 Yam
  • 🍠 Batata
  • 🍠 Camote
  • 🍠 Ipomoea
  • 🍠 Kumara
  • 🍠 Yams