🍙 Rice Ball


Japanese Food, Onigiri, White Rice Balls, Fillings, Main Course, Staple

🍙 Meaning: A rounded triangular rice ball or Onigiri, made out of white rice and wrapped with a filament of nori in the lower half. The 🍙 Rice Ball emoji signifies Japanese authentic food, made with or without a filling.

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How and When to Use the 🍙 Rice Ball Emoji

  • Since 🍙 is one of the most common items on the menu in almost all Japanese restaurants around the world, this emoji can be used to indicate that you’re ordering Japanese food or heading out to a Japanese eatery/restaurant.
  • Similar to the previous point, you can also use 🍙 while texting someone that you had Japanese for lunch.
  • Rice is a staple among many Asian countries. So, you can use 🍙 while generally referring to ‘Asian food’, ‘rice’, ‘Japan’, etc.
  • Are you sharing a picture of your fluffy dog or cat? Do they look like cute little rice balls? Then too, you can use 🍙 in the post caption.
  • If you’re making onigiri for lunch/dinner and you’re either texting your partner or your roommate, or anyone else you live with about it, then you can use 🍙 as a way of saying, “Tonight’s Onigiri night! 🍙”.

Other Names

  • 🍙 Onigiri
  • 🍙 Japanese Rice Ball
  • 🍙 Triangular Rice Ball
  • 🍙 Rice Ball With Nori
  • 🍙 White Rice Ball
  • 🍙 O-Musubi
  • 🍙 Nigirimeshi