🍢 Oden


Japanese Winter Food, Amalgam, Variety, One-Pot Dish, Skewer, Barbecue

🍢 Meaning: A skewer with a grey triangular end, a brown circle, and a white thin vertically cylindrical object; signifying fishcakes, boiled eggs, and other elements of this Japanese dish.

The 🍢 Oden emoji can have tons of interpretations, subjective to its name and the emoji. However, it mostly signifies Japanese winter cuisine and authentic Japanese flavors. Besides, the name could be confused for Kozuki Oden and a Norse name for a baby boy 🙂 .

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🍢 Oden Emoji

  • If you’re a huge anime fan; a One Piece fan precisely, then can use 🍢 in your social media profile (added brownie points if you’re a foodie). You can do this even if you’re only an oden fan and not that of Kozuki Oden.
  • Now, the actual use of Oden, the emoji. While posting or reposting pictures, videos of oden, 🍢 must be added in the captions.
  • Similarly, you can also use 🍢 while sharing pictures, videos, and other informative content on Japanese cuisine and Japanese winter food, specifically.
  • Besides, 🍢 can also signify a barbecue skewer. So, feel free to use it in all those mouth-watering barbecue captions! (or even comments, social media stories, and text messages).
  • If your name’s Oden but neither are you Asian nor have you tried the dish and you’re not even an anime fan, then too, you can use 🍢 in your social media profile name (its a smart inclusion, tbh).

Other Names

  • 🍢 Barbecue Skewer
  • 🍢 Japanese Winter Food
  • 🍢 Skewers
  • 🍢 Nabemono
  • 🍢 Misodengaku
  • 🍢 Dengaku