🍣 Sushi


Japanese Cuisine, Sour, Savoury, Seafood, Toppings, Sushi Roll, Nigiri

🍣 Meaning: A pair of sushi rice blocks topped with fish or any other seafood filaments; one orange and the other red – signifying nigiri. On some platforms, this emoji consists of a nigiri and a sushi roll.

The 🍣 Sushi emoji signifies authentic Japanese cuisine from a broad perspective. It can suggest sour and savory flavors that are relished by millions across the world.

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How and When to Use the 🍣 Sushi Emoji

  • If you’re out on a sushi date and you’re posting pictures, social media stories, or even texting a close someone of the same, you can use 🍣 in all those contexts.
  • Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese food that is found in almost all Japanese restaurants on the planet. Hence, 🍣 would be a great emoji (along with other related emojis) to use in captions or textual formats while talking about Japanese cuisine in general.
  • Posts and reposts of sushi recipe pictures or videos could use 🍣 in the captions.
  • There are many varieties of sushi and 🍣 can be used to represent all of them.
  • ‘Sushi’ is a cute name to have for a loved one (even better if they love sushi). Nonetheless, you can use 🍣 while saving their contact or while tagging them on your social media profile too.

Other Names

  • 🍣 Nigiri
  • 🍣 Sashimi
  • 🍣 Maki
  • 🍣 Uramaki
  • 🍣 Temaki
  • 🍣 Sumeshi and Fish
  • 🍣 Sushi Roll