🍲 Pot of Food


Hot Food, Gravy, Stew, Cooking, Veg or Non Veg, Veggies, Meat Gravy

🍲 Meaning: A white ceramic bowl or casserole with extended handles on either side, holding some food, which seems to be hot gravy or stew consisting of mostly meat and veggies.

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How and When to Use the 🍲 Pot of Food Emoji

  • Are you texting your bestie about how someone is ‘cooking up bullshit’ to cover a lie or anything like that, then you can use 🍲 in such conversations – “Why can’t he just come to me with the truth instead of this distasteful series of crappy lies? 🍲”.
  • 🍲 can also be used either while sharing a social media story/post or even a text message about ‘being in a stew’. For instance, “I’m so effin’ EXCITED, I cannot think straight, HELP 🍲”.
  • Gravy‘ and maybe even ‘Curry‘ also has some positive connotations apart from the Anglaise terminology of offenses. So, you can use 🍲 in those contexts as well – “Dude, whatever you said up there was absolute graaavy 🍲 or “Just say the word and I’mma curry him up 🍲”.
  • Use 🍲 while posting those throwback pictures to the time you and your buddies tasted the best food (gravy or stew, to be precise) in town.
  • If you’re sharing a picture(s) of an exotic breakfast (or any other meal) on your vacation, you can use 🍲 (if what you’re eating and the contents of this emoji match, of course).

Other Names

  • 🍲 Noodle Bowl
  • 🍲 Stew Pot
  • 🍲 Hot Stew
  • 🍲 Pot of Beef Gravy
  • 🍲 Bowl of Food
  • 🍲 Soup
  • 🍲 Stew
  • 🍲 Hot Food
  • 🍲 Bowl of Vegetable Stew