🥣 Bowl With Spoon


Food, Soup Bowl, Cereal Bowl, Breakfast, Meditation Bowl, Eating, Mixing Bowl, Super Bowl (haha)

🥣 Meaning: A blue bowl with a grey handle of a spoon sticking out while the rest is inside the bowl. The 🥣 emoji can signify a soup bowl or even a breakfast bowl. It can also refer to the act of mixing or even scooping something out of a bowl.

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How and When to Use the 🥣 Bowl With Spoon Emoji

  • If you’re getting ready for breakfast or even in the middle of a bowl of cereal and your date goes “So, what’s for breakfast?”, you can send 🥣 as a smart way of asking “Guess what’s inside” (smart and stylish, haha.)
  • A funny and irrational usage of 🥣 would be Superbowl (hahah). How about, eating something from a bowl while watching the game, perfect wordplay.
  • Now, 🥣 does not limit your imagination of guessing its material. Hence, it can be used to refer to any bowl with any spoon in it.
  • 🥣 can also signify a meditation bowl/singing bowl, since the name does not specify the use of this bowl (this wouldn’t work if the platform you’re using showcases this emoji with liquid inside or with a visible base).
  • A bowl and a spoon suggests breakfast alright, but it can also suggest mixing something. So, if you’re mixing up that cake batter or sharing a cake recipe, you can use 🥣 in those contexts. For instance, in the ‘dry mix’ section or so, you can pop this emoji for a cute yet appealing look.

Other Names

  • 🥣 Cereal Bowl
  • 🥣 Mixing Bowl
  • 🥣 Meditation Bowl
  • 🥣 Singing Bowl
  • 🥣 Blue Bowl and Grey Spoon
  • 🥣 Soup Bowl
  • 🥣 Food Bowl
  • 🥣 Cutlery