⏫ Fast Up Button


Double, Growth, Improvement, Increment, Promotion, Scrolling Up, The Top, Origin, Start Point

⏫ Meaning: A pair of 🔼 Upward Buttons, facing the same direction in the same design. The ⏫ Fast Up Button emoji could suggest doubled upward movement, skipping to the higher and the best levels, or even a double promotion.

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How and When to Use the ⏫ Fast Up Button Emoji

  • If you’re talking about something that’s moving or growing way too fast, you can use ⏫. For example, “The growth I’ve experienced in the past two months, is INSANE ⏫” or “There’s nothing too fast or too slow. You move at the speed you were made for ⏫”.
  • ⏫ may even suggest an unexpected increase. Like, “WHOA. We hit 20k subs in less than 48 hours ⏫” or “I really did not expect we’d be going this fast ⏫ But. Guess what? I love it”.
  • Anything that’s twice the growth or double the improvement, could use ⏫. For instance, “I was shocked too. He just showed so much progress in the next grade! ⏫” or “Congratulations on that unexpected double magic! ⏫”.
  • You could use ⏫ even while informing someone to ‘scroll-up’ – “Click here to scroll to the top ⏫”. Speaking of ‘scrolling to the top’, ⏫ would even indicate the origin or the ‘initial point’ of something. Like, “You really want me to text all that happened from the top?? ⏫”.

Other Names

  • ⏫ Fast Upward Button
  • ⏫ Double Up Button
  • ⏫ A Pair of Upward Arrows
  • ⏫ Up-Pointing Double Arrow
  • ⏫ Black Up-Pointing Double Arrow
  • ⏫ Double Improvement
  • ⏫ Double Promotion
  • ⏫ Skip to the Top
  • ⏫ Scroll Up