⏫ Fast Up Button


Double, Growth, Improvement, Increment, Promotion, Scrolling Up, The Top, Origin, Start Point

Meaning: A pair of 🔼 Upward Buttons, facing the same direction in the same design. The ⏫ Fast Up Button emoji could suggest doubled upward movement, skipping to the higher and the best levels, or even a double promotion.

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How and When to Use the ⏫ Fast Up Button Emoji

  • If you’re talking about something that’s moving or growing way too fast, you can use ⏫. For example, “The growth I’ve experienced in the past two months, is INSANE ⏫” or “There’s nothing too fast or too slow. You move at the speed you were made for ⏫”.
  • ⏫ may even suggest an unexpected increase. Like, “WHOA. We hit 20k subs in less than 48 hours or “I really did not expect we’d be going this fast But. Guess what? I love it”.
  • Anything that’s twice the growth or double the improvement, could use ⏫. For instance, “I was shocked too. He just showed so much progress in the next grade! ⏫” or “Congratulations on that unexpected double magic! ⏫”.
  • You could use ⏫ even while informing someone to ‘scroll-up’ – “Click here to scroll to the top ⏫”. Speaking of ‘scrolling to the top’, ⏫ would even indicate the origin or the ‘initial point’ of something. Like, “You really want me to text all that happened from the top?? ⏫”.

Other Names

  • ⏫ Fast Upward Button
  • ⏫ Double Up Button
  • ⏫ A Pair of Upward Arrows
  • ⏫ Up-Pointing Double Arrow
  • ⏫ Black Up-Pointing Double Arrow
  • ⏫ Double Improvement
  • ⏫ Double Promotion
  • ⏫ Skip to the Top
  • ⏫ Scroll Up