⏯️ Play or Pause Button


Paired, Play and Pause, Efficiency, Optimum, Continuity, Real-Time, Audio, Video

⏯️ Meaning: A ▶️ Play Button paired with two short parallel lines; indicating the ‘pause’. The ⏯️ Play or Pause Button emoji refers to the button responsible and capable of both acts on audio and video platforms.

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How and When to Use the ⏯️ Play or Pause Button Emoji

  • The ⏯️ may suggest that both ‘play’ and ‘pause’ fundamentally go together besides the fact that it saves keyboard space and enhances efficiency.
  • Some metaphorical examples for the previous point would be – “Sometimes, it’s alright to take a break before you buck up to move that mountain ⏯️” or “She was just gone for a couple of minutes. When she was back, we continued talking for hours ⏯️”.
  • Being able to pause in real-time music take some sort of power that roots in technological advancement. It suggests realistic continuity even in the lack of awareness.
  • Instances for the previous use-case: “Let’s get back together and pick up from where we left off ⏯️” or “If we physically apart for years, would you feel the same the next time you see me? ⏯️”.
  • While sharing music videos, audio clips, or any other such content on your social media handle or via direct message (DM), you could precede the link or post with ⏯️.

Other Names

  • ⏯️ Play and Pause
  • ⏯️ Play/Pause Button
  • ⏯️ Play-Pause Symbol
  • ⏯️ Black Right-Pointing Triangle With Double Vertical Bars
  • ⏯️ Play Button and Pause Button Together