🔁 Repeat Button


Repeat Playlists, Repetitive, Loop, Obsession, Retweeting, Favorite, Memorizing, Exhaustive

🔁 Meaning: A clockwise design of a ➡️ Right Arrow and a ⬅️ Left Arrow placed parallel to each other in a horizontal plane. The 🔁 Repeat Button signifies playlist repetition, listening to an entire playlist on loop, and memorizing the order.

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How and When to Use the 🔁 Repeat Button Emoji

  • Although 🔁 is the horizontal version of the 🔃 Clockwise Vertical Arrows and they are quite similar in function, the former refers only to playlists whereas the latter could suggest individual videos too.
  • A sweet consequence of playing or listening to a playlist on repeat or on ‘loop’ is a great memory! You begin memorizing the order, which could be translated into patterns or your ability to “figure it out”.
  • Examples for the previous point – “After a point, you just see through and within a person’s routine 🔁” or “I lived with them for so long that even when I’m not with them, I know exactly what’s going on 🔁”.
  • Repeating a playlist is evidence that it is indeed your FAV playlist. Be it your work playlist, workout playlist, a playlist for physical intimacy, you could use 🔁 to indicate the same before ‘hitting it’. Like, “Gonna jam with my work music and get to it now 🔁”.

Other Names

  • 🔁 Repeat Button
  • 🔁 Repeat Tracks
  • 🔁 Repeat Playlist
  • 🔁 Playlist on Loop
  • 🔁 Loop Symbol
  • 🔁 Retweet
  • 🔁 Repetitive
  • 🔁 Exhaustive
  • 🔁 Obsession