⏏️ Eject Button


Removal, Cut Off, Toxicity, Negativity, Release, Emission, Remove Disk Drive, Let Out

⏏️ Meaning: An 🔼 Upwards Button characterized with a short horizontal line of the same length at the bottom. The ⏏️ Eject Button symbolizes removal. However, the contextual behavior of this removal is subjective; it could be smooth or sudden and abrupt.

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How and When to Use the ⏏️ Eject Button Emoji

  • In any context of a ‘removal’, you could use ⏏️. For instance, “We threw him outta the group ⏏️ Too much toxicity” or “Here’s a couple of home remedies to remove those pesky acne marks effectively ⏏️”.
  • A common pattern among anything removable or placed for removal is that it’s unnecessary, harmful, or toxic, in some way or the other. Like, “Just like removing physical toxins, you must throw out mental toxins by cutting off from negative mental habits⏏️”.
  • Reflecting back onto the first use-case, ⏏️ could be used while speaking of abandonment or banishment/punishment. For example, “You abandoned me ⏏️ Why TF would I want to talk to you??”.
  • You could also use ⏏️ in your post/repost captions for content that’s either about self-love or promotes it. For example, “Am I glowing or what??? See. This is what cutting down those carbs does ⏏️”.
  • An ejection is not always negative. Hence, ⏏️ could be used as a symbol for a positive ‘release’ as well – “Release your inner artist! ⏏️”.

Other Names

  • ⏏️ Ejection
  • ⏏️ Eject
  • ⏏️ Eject Symbol
  • ⏏️ Remove/Removal
  • ⏏️ Emit
  • ⏏️ Remove Disk Drive
  • ⏏️ Discharge
  • ⏏️ Expel/Give Out