▶️ Play Button


Start, Play, Begin, Video, Music, New Beginning, Resuming, Go Button

▶️ Meaning: A right-facing white arrowhead printed onto a faded-blue square. The ▶️ Play Button emoji represents one of the most important keys in a music player. Apart from playing a given track, this emoji could also suggest a start; a new song or a resumed one.

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How and When to Use the ▶️ Play Button Emoji

  • While sharing personal posts on your social media handle about a new beginning or a new experience, you may add ▶️. For instance, “May this challenging but vital phase begin! ▶️” or “Can’t wait to start my brand new workout routine ▶️”.
  • ▶️ could also have philosophical implications. Like, “How would you know what the song is about if you’re so reluctant to listen to it?▶️” or “Come on. Get started! Punch down that play button in your life ▶️”.
  • Since ▶️ represents videos, music, general audio/video files. you can use this emoji either while posting such content or while referring to the same. For example, “Check out the latest video release! ▶️” or “If you direct your life in a music video, what would be the style? ▶️”.
  • You can use ▶️ while referring to video content platforms, music players, or music playing platforms, like YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Other Names

  • ▶️ Play
  • ▶️ Play Button Symbol
  • ▶️ Right Triangle
  • ▶️ Right-Pointing Triangle
  • ▶️ Black Right-Pointing Triangle
  • ▶️ Start Button
  • ▶️ Go Button