⏪ Fast-Reverse Button


Rewind, Virtual Reliving, Reverse, Retro, The Past, Skipping, Fast Movement, Memories

Meaning: A doubled description of ◀️ Reverse Buttons, facing the same direction. The ⏪ Fast-Reverse Button emoji signifies rewinding. It may suggest a past point in time, a past memory, or even a need to virtually go back in time to a specific moment.

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How and When to Use the ⏪ Fast-Reverse Button Emoji

  • Since ⏪ suggests a rewind, you could bring this emoji into contexts that are retro by nature. While sharing retro fashion posts, retro makeup, retro themes, anything related to the past (in style), use ⏪.
  • Much like the ⏩ Fast-Forward Button, ⏪ too is a way of ‘skipping’ to a specific part, not necessarily ‘the best’. Like, “Tell me one good quality about your ex ⏪” or “This was way back in the 2000s ⏪”.
  • Fast reversing is not as exciting as fast-forwarding. In an inexperienced situation where one doesn’t know what to expect, ⏪ would indicate returning to an already-lived moment in one way or the other. Thus, symbolizing regression or repression.
  • Examples for the previous use-case: “WHOA that was a bucket load of repressed memories! ⏪” or “If you want to live forward, you must think and reason backward Don’t regret your past, it’s full of wisdom”.
  • You could also use ⏪ while referring to actions under the same umbrella such as, reflecting, re-thinking, thinking twice, repeating, repetitive nature, redoing, reversing, etc.

Other Names

  • ⏪ Rewind Button
  • ⏪ Rewind/Rewinding
  • ⏪ Reverse
  • ⏪ Retro
  • ⏪ Relive
  • ⏪ The Past
  • ⏪ Living in the Past
  • ⏪ Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle