🔽 Downwards Button


Reduction, Deterioration, De-Growth, Downvote, Disapproval, Downstairs, Disagree

🔽 Meaning: A down-facing triangle, pretty much the opposite of the 🔼 Upwards Button. The 🔽 Downwards Button emoji signifies a reduction, decrease, or a de-growth in something. It may even suggest disapproval or a down-vote, as Reddit would call it.

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How and When to Use the 🔽 Downwards Button Emoji

  • If you look closely, 🔽 is one of the prominent icons used in economy. For example, “There’s been a sharp drop in the stock market for one of the country’s top banks 🔽” or “We made lesser than last year 🔽”.
  • Similarly, while indicating a deterioration in any other framework apart from economy and moolah, you could bring in the 🔽. For instance, “My tolerance is slowly but surely seeing a steady stoop 🔽” (wow, talk about alliterations) or “We’ve reduced the time we spend together 🔽”.
  • Even if you disagree with someone or disapprove of something, you can use 🔽 (sounds a lot less rude, and puts your point across. Win-Win!). Like, “I don’t exactly agree with your opinion 🔽” or “We have our differences and that’s okay! But I still don’t approve of your theory 🔽”.
  • Since 🔽 is a ‘button’, this emoji would also symbolize elevator buttons for ‘going down’, literally and metaphorically – “Oh, boy. We’re SO going down for this 🔽” or “Nope. Sorry, Satan. Hell’s asking for you 🔽”.
  • Sometimes 🔽 is used with an emphasis on its direction, thus clubbing this emoji into the navigational series of emojis. Like, “Check out the latest celebrity gossip here! 🔽”.

Other Names

  • 🔽 Down-Facing Arrow
  • 🔽 Downward Arrow
  • 🔽 Downward-Facing Arrow Button
  • 🔽 Going Down
  • 🔽 Reduction
  • 🔽 Down Triangle
  • 🔽 Down-Pointing Triangle
  • 🔽 Down-Pointing White Triangle