⏸️ Pause Button


Temporariness, Halt, Freeze, Diversion, Break, Intermission, Rest, Wind Down

⏸️ Meaning: A pair of equally tall parallel lines or bars vertically placed next to each other on a faded blue square.

The ⏸️ Pause Button emoji represents a pause, as the name suggests. This pause could signify a ‘break’, a sense of holding up, waiting, or even temporarily shutting down.

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How and When to Use the ⏸️ Pause Button Emoji

  • We generally pause a video or a song to tend to our surroundings or to eavesdrop. Hence, while talking about ‘pausing’ something literally or metaphorically to listen to something else, you can use ⏸️.
  • A few instances for the previous use-case are: “Pause your mind for a second and listen to your soul for once ⏸️” or “The chaos within is a lot louder than the chatter outside. And I don’t know which to pause ⏸️”.
  • Pausing something doesn’t exactly mean it’s resumed the next second (we’re not always Netflix and chilling). A pause could stretch indefinitely. Like, “I’m so proud to have resumed my passion after a 10-year long break ⏸️” or “Sometimes, maybe, just maybe it’s not over yet ⏸️”.
  • A pause could also suggest ‘rest’. For example, “Pause your thoughts before bed ⏸️”, “I appreciate your concern, but I’d love it if you held onto those words of concern for a bit ⏸️”, or “Dude. Give it a rest ⏸️”.

Other Names

  • ⏸️ Pause
  • ⏸️ A Pair of Vertical Bars
  • ⏸️ Breathing Space
  • ⏸️ Halt
  • ⏸️ Rest
  • ⏸️ Recess
  • ⏸️ Pause Symbol
  • ⏸️ Intermission
  • ⏸️ Interval