⏮️ Last Track Button


Relive, Retrospect, Backward, Skip, Previous Track, Rethink, Re-Experience, Fresh Eyes

⏮️ Meaning: A ⏪ Fast-Reverse Button coupled with a short vertical bar on the left corner, touching the first triangle from the left. The ⏮️ Last Track Button emoji signifies returning to a track, listening to it again, this time, maybe with a different emotion.

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How and When to Use the ⏮️ Last Track Button Emoji

  • Some reasons why we replay the last track are: we love the previous song better than the present, skipped an amazing track by mistake, or to listen to a specific part in the last song. Nonetheless, you could use ⏮️ while bringing in all these implications to real-life conversations.
  • Examples for the previous point – “I liked the previous style better. Could we please switch that in? ⏮️”, “Be grateful for the moment. You don’t always get to relive it with the same person ⏮️”, or “Wait a minute. Can we go back 15 mins to when you told that to me? ⏮️”.
  • While being critical, thoughtful, yet polite about your opinions, ⏮️ would come in handy. For instance, “This poem is great. But I really loved the previous one ⏮️” or “You’re always handsome. But, I think the outfit you sent earlier was a lot more appealing ⏮️”.
  • Going back to something guarantees one thing; a new perspective. So, if you’re referring to a situation, conversation, or even a relationship that deserves a second chance or a new outlook, you can use ⏮️.
  • ⏮️ is not replay or rewind. It’s listening to a passed song (reliving a passed memory, experience, anything) again. Like, “Could we please bring back that trend??? ⏮️” or “You don’t need sit and cry about your last mistake ⏮️ No one’s perfect. You’re willing to learn and that’s all that makes a difference“.

Other Names

  • ⏮️ Last Song
  • ⏮️ Play Last Track
  • ⏮️ Play Previous Track Button
  • ⏮️ Skip to Previous Track
  • ⏮️ Previous Button
  • ⏮️ Skip Backward Symbol
  • ⏮️ Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar