⏭️ Next Track Button


Skipping, Change, Next Scene, Upcoming, Eventuality, Suitability, Drastic Changes

⏭️ Meaning: A ⏩ Fast-Forward Button immediately succeeded by a short vertical line, the same length as the former design. The ⏭️ Next Track Button emoji refers to the next song on a playlist. It signifies change, skips or skipping, movement, and a sense of “looking for the right one”.

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How and When to Use the ⏭️ Next Track Button Emoji

  • Taking off from the last bit of the previous section; romance. While advising someone that they would find true love, or while sharing a positive post/repost or story based on the same idea, bring in the ⏭️.
  • Some examples for the previous use-case – “That’s how it is. You got to keep trying until to find “THE ONE” ⏭️” or “I’ve literally skipped 19 years of my life to find a human I can tolerate for the rest of my life ⏭️”.
  • Clicking/tapping the ⏭️ would either suggest that you’re bugged with the song that’s currently playing or that it doesn’t match your vibe. Either way, you can use this emoji even in real-life scenarios.
  • Fast-forwarding a track is very different from changing the track itself. If you’re talking about such a drastic change (in terms of music, taste in music, people, jobs, etc.) you can use ⏭️.
  • If you’re referring to the ‘next big thing’ in any context, you may add ⏭️. Like, “This mall is definitely the next big thing after that gigantic fountain in town ⏭️”.

Other Names

  • ⏭️ Play Next
  • ⏭️ Next Track
  • ⏭️ Skip Forward Symbol
  • ⏭️ Skipping Tracks
  • ⏭️ Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
  • ⏭️ Next Scene
  • ⏭️ Upcoming Track