◀️ Reverse Button


Recent Past, Relive, Replay, Rewind, Go Back, Video Controls, Redo, Backward

◀️ Meaning: A left-facing triangle, shown as the reverse or the mirror image of the ▶️ Play Button. The ◀️ Reverse Button indicates functionality only on video content platforms. It represents the “recent past” and signifies the power to re-live a virtual moment.

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How and When to Use the ◀️ Reverse Button Emoji

  • While informing someone about the mess you’ve created, advising them that things aren’t easy to undo, or anything about ‘the past’, you can use ◀️.
  • A few instances for the previous point – “I’ve wrecked it. I don’t think I can undo it now ◀️”, “Look before you leap, friend. You wouldn’t be able to reverse any of it so easily ◀️” or “If you keep replaying the same part in the video, how would you ever complete the movie? ◀️”.
  • ◀️ doesn’t suggest skipping parts or anything, it just rewinds an entire scenario, with all the details, just a little faster. While talking about something or someone who’s beginning to sink backward, use ◀️.
  • Some examples for the previous use-case: “I don’t think he sees it. But he’s actually undoing all the greatness he’d created ◀️”. or “The challenge isn’t to walk away, but to never look back again ◀️”.
  • The reverse button is some sort of technological sorcery. If you think about it, ◀️ is the only way we could ever relive a moment that just passed; virtually, ofc.
  • For instance: “Life isn’t a movie, dude. Once you lose a moment, it’s gone, FOREVER ◀️” or “I just keep rewinding, in my mind, to the time we met and pity my feelings ◀️”.

Other Names

  • ◀️ Subtle Rewind
  • ◀️ Go Backward
  • ◀️ Reverse
  • ◀️ Recent Past
  • ◀️ Left Triangle
  • ◀️ Left-Pointing Triangle
  • ◀️ Black Left-Pointing Triangle
  • ◀️ Rewind Button