⏩ Fast-Forward Button


Skip, Doubly Fast, Speed, Accelerated Movement, Blur, Power, Skip Button, Progression

⏩ Meaning: A pair of overlapping ▶️ Play Buttons in the same direction. The ⏩ Fast-Forward Button emoji is the emoji-version of skipping to the best/main part. It signifies power, favoritism, and a sense of negating the ‘build-up’ or the context, in other words.

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How and When to Use the ⏩ Fast-Forward Button Emoji

  • If you find someone beating around the bush or starting a story from scratch, you could reply with ⏩as a way of saying “Cut to the chase ⏩” or “Ugh. I don’t have all year. Now tell me what happened ⏩”.
  • If you’re uploading a personal post with a whimsical caption about life in general, you can use ⏩. For instance, “How I wish all of us could just skip to the best part of our lives ⏩”.
  • Speaking of skipping or skips, you may use ⏩ critically. Like, “How do you cherish something you don’t value? ⏩” or “If we keep skipping to the best, how do we understand what is the best without context? ⏩”.
  • Apart from the actual function and universal understanding of ⏩, it could be used to interpret speed as well. For example, “Life moves fast when you are on the right track ⏩” or “If you’re a biker, then speed is an addiction ⏩”.

Other Names

  • ⏩ Fast Forward Button
  • ⏩ Skip Button
  • ⏩ Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle
  • ⏩ Fast Forwarding
  • ⏩ Fast Forward Symbol
  • ⏩ Speed
  • ⏩ Fast
  • ⏩ Quick