⏬ Fast Down Button


Reducing, Decreasing, Drastic Downfall, Loss, Last, Lowest, Least, Down

Meaning: A pair of 🔽 Downwards Buttons showcased in the same direction and design. The ⏬ Fast Down Button emoji an accelerated downward movement, indicate a speedy fall, both literally and metaphorically.

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How and When to Use the ⏬ Fast Down Button Emoji

  • If you’re conversing about a ‘downfall’, an exponential decrease/reduction, or if you’re typing out a general quote resonating with the same in a post/repost caption, you can use ⏬.
  • Some instances for the previous use-case are: “Investing without enough knowledge could be lethal ⏬” or “It’s sad he had to leave his seat that way. Well, he was terrible as long as he lasted ⏬”.
  • You could also use ⏬ while referring to the ‘least’ or the ‘lowest’ in a given list or category. For example, “I must admit. She was the least paid among all of us And she did all the backend work”.
  • Speaking of a ‘reduction’, ⏬ can be brought into contexts that are about a ‘loss’ as well. Like, “Working for that firm was a massive loss in terms of both time and effort ⏬”.
  • You may use ⏬ even while talking about ‘taking down’ something. For instance, “We must take that post down before the bosses lose their minds ⏬”.

Other Names

  • ⏬ Exponential Reduction
  • ⏬ Decreasing
  • ⏬ Reducing
  • ⏬ A Pair of Downward Buttons
  • ⏬ Down-Pointing Double Triangle
  • ⏬ Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle
  • ⏬ Fast-Down Arrows