14 Dessert Emojis to Sugarcoat Anything

What else can we expect from something that’s so sweet?!

All of us have a sweet tooth, but not necessarily the same kind. All dessert fanatics have a different calling. Each taste bud for its own. But everything’s all good as long as sweets stay a craving and not a staple because when that happens, there’s no turning back. It’s an addiction.

Our world offers us with an endless range of sweetmeats (vegan too, thankfully) that it’s sometimes a challenge to pick a favorite. It’s impossible, even! While ice creams are our thing, chocolate is someone else’s. While traditional sweets aid our desperation, fusion fixes someone else’s sweet dilemma. It’s honestly very diverse. All sweet, nevertheless.

The emoji list can do only so much for this massive food genre. But worry not, it does justice to it! Read on to know more about these sweet emojis. Some bite, though.

Chocolate Bar Emoji

🍫 Chocolate Bars

First up is the signature bar of chocolate. Lot of us love a bar of chocolate. Some of us, prefer it. Anything chocolate is bound to better the mood no matter the cause. It’s the ideal solution to almost everything! Except for caffeine allergies, of course. Not only is chocolate one of the most sought-after and commercial flavors, but it’s also one of the universal dessert picks.

Doughnut Emoji

🍩 Doughnuts

Since we started the list with the mighty chocolate bar, it’s going to be that way. The chocolate way.

Doughnut, donut, it’s all the same; a sweet encounter. This ringed sweet has had people going mad over donuts for nearly a hundred and fifty years now! It all began on a ship way back in the mid-1800s. Though it started as an experiment with fried dough and some spicy garnish, 🍩 has grown a towering range of sweet flavors and sizes!

Ice Cream Emoji

🍨 Ice Cream Emoji

Ice cream is chronologically one of the oldest desserts we’ve had here on earth. Every generation has heard of this bad boi! 🍨 has been around since the 4th century BCE. So there’s been some intense awareness and icy consumption over the years. No wonder why so many have so little to say about it!

Birthday Cake Emoji

🎂 Birthday Cake Emoji

The origin of cakes is studied to have roots in Greek mythology. According to the legend and the societal situation back then, “mortal” birthdays weren’t reason enough for a celebration.

Ancient Greeks celebrated the birth of deities instead. The most prominent was that of Artemis, the goddess of the Moon. The Greeks back then baked round cakes and celebrated the goddess’s birthday every month!

Eventually, over millenniums and centuries of debate over the necessity to celebrate human life, 13th century Germans decided to break the stereotype. They made the first birthday cake dedicated to a human! Wedding cakes were however in vogue much before that.

Cupcake Emoji

🧁 Cupcake Emoji

These mini cakes were introduced to the baking industry in the late 1700s. Sadly, the former cupcakes weren’t given names. They were identified with numbers instead. The audacity!

Thankfully this insensitivity did not last very long. The word ‘cupcake’ was soon initiated into the baker’s book in 1828. Today, the 🧁 cupcake has hundreds of different flavors and corresponding names too!

Shortcake Emoji

🍰 Shortcake Emoji

🍰 is very often used as a reference to a slice of a larger, rounder, usual cake, but this piece is from a shortcake. Hence, the name. Shortcakes are super soft cakes and sometimes biscuits, dusted with a good amount of icing and strawberries, ofc. Though 🍰 is believed to be American, research has it that the shortcake is a European idea.

Custard Emoji

🍮 Custard Emoji

Custard is a whole new category of sweets. It has nothing chocolatey, nothing cakey, nothing like anything we’ve seen before (on the list). 🍮 is a major fav for some, while it’s allergic to others. This milk-based liquidy or semi-solid dish is an interesting experience, nonetheless. All that sweetness under a crunchy and delicate crust is worth a shot.

Cookie Emoji

🍪 Cookie Emoji

The word ‘cookie’ translates to a ‘small cake/little cake’ in Dutch. These sweet, chewy, and bite-size pieces of bliss can be torturous if you’re told to stop at one bite or one cookie! What inhuman nature is that?! Although cookies and biscuits are used interchangeably many times though referring to two separate things, cookies are deliciously distinct from biscuits.

Waffle Emoji

🧇 Waffle Emoji

The name of this dessert may have walked into English vocab only in the early 1700s, but 🧇 is an ancient dessert, believe it or not. Sure, the Greeks of the past may not have got the shape and honeycomb body right but they had similar intentions behind 🧇. Back then waffles were just flatbreads, but goddamn sweet too!

Candy Emoji

🍬 Candy Emoji

🍬 marks the beginning of one of the oldest subgroups in desserts. When candies first began, between 1500 BCE and 2000 BCE, they were simple confectionaries rolled with honey, fruits, figs, and nuts.

Sugar was invented much later around 8000 BCE. Much like any new commodity in the market, sugar too was a luxury when it first got down to business. Sugar candies used to be elite candies only because the rich could afford them.

Eventually, with years of industrialization, sugary candies became the norm for confectionaries than honey. And the irony? Honey is now the organic way of making sweetmeat.

Lollipop Emoji

🍭 Lollipop Emoji

Lollipops are a type of candy. They’re the same confectionary but on a stick. Modern lollipops may have started only in the early 1900s, but this style of consuming candies was already included in the ancient dessert menu.

Honey lollipops, like honey candies, kickstarted this line of sweets. The 🍯 honey used in these confectionaries was neither processed nor extracted. They were poured onto sticks directly from 🐝 beehives!

Soft Ice Cream Emoji

🍦 Soft Ice Cream Emoji

Soft ice creams are the same as the usual 🍨 ice cream, but with the evident difference of less density and extra softness. It’s all in the name. Also known as a softy, softy ice cream, or softies, 🍦 is becoming a health-conscious option of frozen dessert these days for its less fat content, great variety, and taste too.

Shaved Ice Emoji

🍧 Shaved Ice Emoji

Shaved ice is heavier than both 🍦 and 🍨. A single scoop of shaved ice has nothing creamy about it, it’s just shaved or scraped ice topped with either common or incredibly unique flavored syrups.

🍧 is also known as “Shave Ice” or “Hawaiian Ice”, the latter name pays homage to the land of this dessert’s origin. But, did Hawaiians create this genius piece of art? Nah. Japanese immigrants in Hawaii did.

Honey Pot Emoji

🍯 Honey Emoji

The star of the show, ladies and gentlemen!

So many humble mentions in so many contexts have earned 🍯 honey the popularity of a natural sweetener. But, honey ain’t the only all-natural sweet liquid that also works as a dessert in itself! There are many varieties including 🍁 Maple Syrup, 🏵️ Agave Syrup, 🌴 Date Sugar, and molasses too.

Pancakes Emoji

🥞 Pancakes Emoji

Speaking of maple syrup and honey, we have pancakes! These fried flat cakes are the fanciest breakfast options today. Tell you what, the Stone Age felt the same. Pancakes are roughly 30,000 years old. The shape and the flavor caused by the griddle may have affected its ‘true taste’ back then, but our ancestors sure did pave the way for this sweet meal.

Pie Emoji

🥧 Pie Emoji

The 🥧 pie emoji offers a generic illustration of a pie, but since this emoji appears in the dessert section, we’ll take 🥧 for a sweet pie. Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to have come up with the idea of a pie. However, Greeks preferred their pie pastries to accommodate meat fillings while the Romans, like theirs to be sweet. Thus, sweet pies were born.

Desserts are not a necessity. They’re luxurious irrespective of the ingredients that go into them. Desserts are like love. We can survive without it, but boy would it be a sad existence. You can have brief encounters, but you may end up wanting more. And like love, desserts too cause complications if done wrong (overeaten in this case).