🤖 Robot


Mechanical, Automatic, Awkward, Artificial Intelligence, Weird, Strange, Surprise, Gritted Teeth

🤖 Meaning: A square robot face with blank, round, blue-ish tinted eyes, a triangle for a nose, and a blank grin with teeth. It also has a bulb-like structure on top of the head and two plugs on either side of the head; representing the ears.

The 🤖 Robot emoji signifies being mechanical, listening to orders, and not having a brain of your own (at least that used to be the notion of a robot). Designed a little like Frankenstein’s monster, 🤖 may also denote fright, terror, and dread (but the sight of the robot emoji, not so much).

This emoji symbolizes artificial intelligence (A.I) and the act of it overtaking humans and also humane priorities mutually shared by many across the world. We’d rather sit with our phones for hours than with people.

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How and When to Use the 🤖 Robot Emoji

  • If life has suddenly turned you into a machine that works all day and all night, send this emoji while ranting about it to your close ones.
  • Use this emoji while talking about Artificial Intelligence a.k.a AI.
  • This emoji can also be effectively used while telling someone that they have absolutely no brains of their own whatsoever.
  • If a particular conversation made you lose a lot of brain cells while trying to find the meaning and purpose of it, send this emoji in that context.
  • Use this emoji in sarcastic contexts.
  • You could also use this face costume in awkward situations where you just don’t feel like facing it.

Other Names

  • 🤖 Robot Face
  • 🤖 Mechanical
  • 🤖 Machine
  • 🤖 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 🤖 Weird
  • 🤖 Awkward
  • 🤖 Silly
  • 🤖 Robotics
  • 🤖 Sci-Fi
  • 🤖 Wall-E