👹 Ogre


Scary, Protective, Chivalry, Ward Off Evil, Positivity, Masked, Fakeness

👹 Meaning: A red, hairy face with big eyes, a giant nose, and a grinning mouth with vampire-like teeth and fangs. This face also has two red horns on top of the head.

Referring to the Oni Ogre of Japanese mythical folklore, the 👹 Ogre emoji signifies the act of ‘warding off evil’ or even scolding children for bad behaviour.

With an evolutionary meaning, the supernatural figure of the ogre now owns positive suggestions such as protection to an extent. It can also have a patriarchal connotation, given its modern-day use.

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How and When to Use the 👹 Ogre Emoji

  • You can use this emoji in Japanese traditional contexts such as calling someone an ogre if they don’t look like either of their parents.
  • This emoji can also be used to show a terrifyingly protective vibe in a conversation.
  • Although not as cute as Shrek, this emoji can still be modernized into a funny and sarcastic context.
  • If you’re trying to virtually scare someone over text, send this emoji randomly out of the blue.
  • Since this ogre is also adorned as a mask, you can use this emoji in instances where you feel like a person or a situation is wearing a mask.
  • You can also send this emoji while trying to express that there’s more to something than what you know of.

Other Names

  • 👹 Oni
  • 👹 Oni Mask
  • 👹 Red Devil
  • 👹 Protection
  • 👹 Masked
  • 👹 Fake
  • 👹 Red Monster
  • 👹 Scary
  • 👹 Supernatural
  • 👹 Demonic
  • 👹 Ward Off Evil
  • 👹 Red Face Mask with Horns