🌚 New Moon Face


Goofy, Creepy, Shady, Disapproving, Covering Up, Molester Moon, Perverted

🌚 Meaning: This emoji is very similar to the 🌑 New Moon emoji; the only difference being a smiling face in this emoji. Here, there are a pair of eyes looking to the side, a long nose, and a smiling mouth.

The 🌚 New Moon Face emoji suggests a sense of being shady, pretentious, creepy, and perverted. Hence, also called the molester moon. However, it may also signify goofiness, playfulness, but mostly, just plain creepy.

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How and When to Use the 🌚 New Moon Face Emoji

  • If you said something you shouldn’t have in a conversation and you’re trying to mean “someone had to say it”, then please use 🌚 – “You’re way over the top. I’m sorry, someone had to say it 🌚” (all in good humor and understanding, of course).
  • You can also use 🌚 in the context of compliments. Suppose, you’re shy and awkward af when it comes to receiving compliments, drop in the 🌚 to seem perfectly alright. Like, “Aww. Thenx 🌚”. This works great if the compliment was borderline shady and you cannot be rude.
  • If you’re sharing something creepy, perverted, loose, or generally discomforting, either as a post, repost, story, or even a direct message (DM), you can use 🌚. For instance, “Men like this always find a way to justify what they are, dicks 🌚” (this is obviously for a triggering post).
  • If you’re giving your best friend cringy ideas that you find funny, use 🌚. For example, “How about, you actually do that. Run out of your house, and scream that boy’s name 🌚”.

Other Names

  • 🌚 Moon With a Face
  • 🌚 Moon Face
  • 🌚 Creepy Moon Face
  • 🌚 Perverted Moon Face
  • 🌚 Face on a Moon
  • 🌚 Smiling Moon
  • 🌚 Moon With Smiling Face
  • 🌚 New Moon With a Face
  • 🌚 Creepy Moon
  • 🌚 Molester Moon
  • 🌚 Goofy Moon