🌝 Full Moon Face


Sarcasm, Irony, Awkward, Smiling, Satire, Goodnight, Night, Fullness

🌝 Meaning: A round light-yellow face, with an animated pair of human eyes turning to the left, a long nose, and a smiling mouth. Similar to the 🌚 New Moon Face in structure, this emoji gives positive and non-creepy vibes, unlike the molester moon.

Generally used as a smiley or a facial emoji with human emotion, the 🌝 Full Moon Face emoji signifies sarcasm, awkwardness, irony, and maybe even satire. The sideward-facing eyes and smile evoke a sense of knowing it all or the classic “I knew it”.

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How and When to Use the 🌝 Full Moon Face Emoji

  • Bringing the ‘full’ of the moon to the human perspective 🌝 can suggest a feeling of being ‘full’ with contentment, happiness, goodness, or just food – “Don’t even ask. I hogged like there was no tomorrow 🌝”.
  • Use 🌝 while throwing sarcasm into a conversation. But the friendly kind, where you wouldn’t want to hurt the other person or allow them to make a scene about it.
  • You can also use 🌝 while posting or reposting ironic content. For example, “People talk so much about equality, but put down a man for sporting some makeup or even high heels 🌝”.
  • 🌝 can also be used to show genuinity, without being sarcastic too. Like, “I could always help! Tell me what to do and I’ll be there! 🌝”.
  • Apart from sarcasm and irony, 🌝 works perfectly even in awkward contexts; either in scenarios where you are awkward, making someone awkward or even while reposting an awkward-centric post.

Other Names

  • 🌝 Smiling Full Moon
  • 🌝 Full Moon With a Face
  • 🌝 Sarcastic Moon
  • 🌝 Moon Being Sarcastic
  • 🌝 Awkward Face on a Moon
  • 🌝 Smiley Moon
  • 🌝 Moonface
  • 🌝 Moon Face