🌗 Last Quarter Moon


Half Moon, Light and Dark, Closing Up, Third Quarter, Diminishing Visibility, Mystery. Shadow

🌗 Meaning: A partially visible moon with just the left side being illuminated by the sun and the right side staying on the dark side or darkening in a sense.

The 🌗 Last Quarter Moon emoji signifies light and dark, and all the other metaphorical interpretations attached to it. Since the moon is now just another phase from newness or from being completely dark, it may also suggest a sense of being halfway towards invisibility or darkness.

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How and When to Use the 🌗 Last Quarter Moon Emoji

  • When there’s half a moon visible from your part of the earth, the other half can have more than just one interpretation. It could signify mystery, a shadow, and the ‘dark side’ to things. For instance, “Like the moon, half of him is always a mystery 🌗” (and boom! you can use 🌗).
  • Keeping the ‘shadow’ perspective in mind, you can also use 🌗 while posting or reposting anything pertaining to the Shadow psychology, if you’re Jungian, of course.
  • Much like life has a bright or lit side, there’s always a dark side to everything. And this very concept makes things imperfectly perfect. Thus, forming a great idea for a kickass post caption. For example, “If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels too 🌗”.
  • You can also use 🌗 while referring to anything that has ‘equal amounts’ of two different things; it can be light and dark, good and bad, sanity and insanity, etc.

Other Names

  • 🌗 Half Moon
  • 🌗 Waning Half Moon
  • 🌗 Seventh Lunar Phase
  • 🌗 Seventh Phase of the Moon
  • 🌗 Third Quarter Moon
  • 🌗 Moon With 50% Visibility