🌛 First Quarter Moon Face


Cute, Goofy, Innocent, Goodnight, Goodbye, Night Sky, Human Faced Crescent Moon

🌛 Meaning: A right crescent with a visible human eye, a nose, and a smiling mouth. This crescent moon is shown in golden yellowish color and other facial detailing such as cheeks and an eyebrow crease.

The 🌛 First Quarter Moon Face emoji is pretty much like the 🌙 Crescent Moon, just with a face. Since it suggests a sense of applying human characteristics to the moon, it can offer a much more personal way of saying goodnight or maybe even goodbye (the unbothered kind).

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How and When to Use the 🌛 First Quarter Moon Face Emoji

  • Unlike the Molester Moon aka 🌚 New Moon Face, 🌛 can actually be used to seem cute and goofy. So, if someone calls you their moon and you don’t know what to do with that kind of comparison, you can send 🌛 in response (goofy+cute+modest = character).
  • Since 🌛 is yellow or golden by nature (the irony), you can use this emoji in the caption for pictures that have a hell lot of yellow or gold in it – it can be a dress, couple T-shirts, a pair of sneakers, etc.
  • 🌛 is basically the waxing crescent moon, wherein the dark side of the moon is waning off. Hence, 🌛 can be used in the frameworks of growing light, happiness, or maybe even joy. Like, “Told my boss I’d wear a new look and turned up happy 🌛” (yes, it’s a borrowed joke).
  • Lastly, you may also use 🌛 while texting goodnight. This emoji works best if the person you’re texting or the conversation you’re having or both is worth that extra time to look for it.

Other Names

  • 🌛 Crescent Moon Face
  • 🌛 Crescent Moon With a Face
  • 🌛 Yellow Moon Face
  • 🌛 First Quarter Moon With Face
  • 🌛 Right Crescent Moon Face
  • 🌛 Crescent Moon Looking Left
  • 🌛 Crescent-Shaped Moon Face