🌓 First Quarter Moon


Half Moon, Partial Visibility, Half Knowledge, Dark and Light, Equal Portions

🌓 Meaning: Divided in half, this emoji shows the first half of the moon to be dark with dark craters and the second half (the one to the right) to be golden or bright yellow with similar colored craters.

The 🌓 First Quarter Moon emoji represents the third phase of the moon cycle. It signifies a defined amount of both darkness and light, which can also suggest a ‘half-moon’ as only the right side of the moon as we see from our planet is illuminated by the sun.

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How and When to Use the 🌓 First Quarter Moon Emoji

  • Many times, the first quarter of the moon is called the ‘half-moon’, as said in the previous section. So, if you’re using the same concept in daily life, suppose “We don’t know the other half of the story” or something like that, you can use 🌓.
  • Essentially, 🌓 suggests that the other half of the moon and anything else, metaphorically, is hidden. You can also use this emoji while telling your bestie that you don’t know a person or anything else completely.
  • 🌓 can signify half knowledge as well. If you’re sharing a post or a repost that aligns with this kind of knowledge, you can use this emoji in the caption. For instance, “Making headlines without proper research is like screaming that you’re getting married without a ring 🌓”.
  • And lastly, use 🌓 in the caption while posting or reposting pictures/videos of the half-moon or in other words, the first quarter moon.

Other Names

  • 🌓 Half Moon
  • 🌓 First Quarter of the Moon
  • 🌓 Third Phase of the Lunar Cycle
  • 🌓 Lunar Cycle
  • 🌓 Phases of the Moon
  • 🌓 Partially Lit Moon
  • 🌓 Partly Visible Moon
  • 🌓 First Quarter Moon Symbol