💨 Dashing Away


Fart, Poof, Speed, Fast, Gush of Wind, Stormy, Fleeting, Poof, Racing, Dusting, Thud

💨 Meaning: A greyish white cloud that’s seemingly splashing out with a gush of wind. This emoji would vary in color, design, and finish across different platforms.

The 💨 Dashing Away emoji signifies a huge cloud of smoke, wind, dust, or even speed and racing. Besides, this emoji can also suggest a fart. It can represent a huge thud, a fall, or even dusting off an old book.

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How and When to Use the 💨 Dashing Away Emoji

  • If you’re talking to your bestie about a massive fart that you just heard or released it yourself, send this emoji.
  • It can be used to even show that you’re dusting or cleaning your house.
  • This emoji can also suggest being in a hurry, or in a rush to head somewhere.
  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something very sucky and lame that you came across on social media.
  • It can be used to react to something fascinatingly fast that you witnessed.

Other Names

  • 💨 Fart Emoji
  • 💨 Cloud
  • 💨 Smoke
  • 💨 Vape
  • 💨 Poof
  • 💨 Fast
  • 💨 Speed
  • 💨 Vaping
  • 💨 Wind
  • 💨 Gust of Wind
  • 💨 Fleeting