👽 Alien


Strange, Weird, Unworldly, Paranormal, Supernatural, Outsider, Cute, Isolation, Smart

👽 Meaning: A greyish or greenish alien face with big black eyes and a slight smiley curve for a mouth. This emoji is the famous depiction of an alien’s face – with a big head that tapers down towards the chin.

The 👽 Alien emoji suggests a sense of being an outsider to something, not understanding something or finding something strange and out of the box. Aliens are symbols for the ‘unknown’ and the ‘unfathomable’ and so is this emoji.

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How and When to Use the 👽 Alien Emoji

  • If you just cannot understand what your bestie is blabbering, send this emoji in that conversation
  • Use this emoji as a reaction to stuff to do not understand, in general.
  • It can also be used to react to strangeness.
  • This emoji is also a cute one, so you can use it to be weird, but cute.
  • Also, you can use it while sending something or talking about aliens (duh).
  • If you’re feeling ‘left out’, ‘alienated’ or ‘isolated’, send this emoji to show that.
  • It can also be used in supernatural and paranormal conversations or situations.

Other Names

  • 👽 Alien Face
  • 👽 Grey Alien
  • 👽 Isolated
  • 👽 Alienated
  • 👽 Strange
  • 👽 Weird
  • 👽 Weird, but Cute
  • 👽 Unworldly
  • 👽 Outsider
  • 👽 Unique
  • 👽 Supernatural
  • 👽 ET
  • 👽 Extra-Terrestrial
  • 👽 Smart