🆙 UP! Button


Increase, Improve, Grow, Time Up, Button, Level Up, Wake Up, Positivity, Good Vibes

🆙 Meaning: Two capital letters that read as the word ‘up’ along with an ❕ Exclamation Mark at the end, printed all in white on a blue, button-like squared emoji.

The 🆙 UP! Button emoji represents the command to move upwards, go up, scroll up or even look up! It may also suggest an improvement or leveling up, in relatable words.

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How and When to Use the 🆙 UP! Button Emoji

  • If you’re hinting that “Time’s Up!”, 🆙 could be an emoji to consider, along with other emojis such as the ⌛ Hourglass Done that fits into the same context. Like, “Okaayy. STOP. Time’s 🆙”.
  • You could also use 🆙 while texting someone to wake up!!. This works even in post captions and quotes that capture the act of waking up, metaphorically. For instance, “DUDE. WAKE TF 🆙” or “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake 🆙”.
  • Based on the word and the exclamation, 🆙 in general, suggests a sense of being upbeat, enthusiastic, and overall positive. For example, “It’s a great day to get outta bed and be the best you can! 🆙” or “I literally love this time of my cycle! I’m insanely positive ALL DAY! 🆙”.
  • If you’re crafting a caption or even a ‘deep’ text message about growth and improvement, then too, you can welcome 🆙 – “It is your time to shine, brother 🆙” or “Let’s take this game to the next level 🆙”.

Other Names

  • 🆙 Up!
  • 🆙 UP Command
  • 🆙 White UP! on Blue Square
  • 🆙 Squared UP!
  • 🆙 Squared UP With Exclamation Mark
  • 🆙 Going Up!
  • 🆙 Wake Up!
  • 🆙 Time Up!
  • 🆙 Level Up!
  • 🆙 Up Sign